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Re: [IPp] I wonder what will come of paradigm?

Just another example of YMMV...

Last summer we had more than 6 Animas pumps replaced in as many months,
and now Lauren's on a paradigm.  I know there are many people who love
those Animas pumps, and I wish we didn't have so many problems because
Animas customer service was the best service I've ever received from any
company.   Some of the Animas pumps were not waterproof and some gave
strange alarms,  like "no prime" for no reason.  That's really annoying,
because two of those happened outside in cold weather, and Lauren had to
take off her coat so we could disconnect her site in her arm to reprime
and connect again.  I prefer the way the paradigm menu is set up.

Someone said she doesn't feel a bolus with the Animas, but she did with
the paradigm.  Lauren said the boluses with the Animas hurt, but she
doesn't feel them with the paradigm.  Funny, YMMV.


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