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Re: [IPp] I wonder what will come of paradigm?

I think if upgrading is your only choice to get a water proof pump than I would
definitely wait awhile before you upgraded. My daughter's paradigm failed three
times in three weeks. The first two times we were sent a refurbished pump. The
third time I screamed at the top of my lungs and threatened a law suit and they
 finally sent us a new pump. Hannah wore it for about 9 days with no
by that time I was so disgusted that we switched her to the Animas pump. She
 really likes that she can't feel the bolus using the Animas. That was a
 she had with the Paradigm. I like it because we can fine tune her basels
of the .05. The paradigm was only .1 increments.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I am on the verge of switching my husband and son to an UPGRADE to paradigm.
> What I read makes it sound like a DOWN GRADE.  The company seems unfazed by
> all the contact people have made with them regarding their product.  One
> parent mentioned that they sent her out a refurbished paradigm.  How can this
> kind of product be allowed?  It is a requirement that it works well - failure
> is unacceptable in terms of life/health!  I just feel really upset about this
> substandard service and product that the parents are talking about.  I wanted
> a water proof pump.  My son is 6 and loves to get wet in the summer!  Now I
> think I should just stick to the 508.
> UGH.
> Colleen
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