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[IPp] Bolus for Bacon?

There has been some discussion lately on doing a bolus for protein if a lot 
is eaten at one time. I know the fat content affects the digestion rate of 
foods--so, my question concerns bacon-since it is a high fat food and doesn't 
really weigh enough to count oz. of protein for  a bolus.  Has anyone had 
experience with an effective bolus for this?  My   daughter ate 4 slices this 
morning-regular, Oscar Mayer bacon.  She loves it  and doesn't eat it often, 
but always does seem to be a bit high four or so hours afterward.  She had 
dry cereal and O.J. with it and bolused the normal amt. for that.

Sherry, mom to Liz, age 13, dx3/01, MM508-5/02
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