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Re: [IPp] Too many blood tests

Hi Eric,
My son checks his blood 4x at school each day, too.  More if he is feeling 
bad.  We like it because we catch how the breakfast and lunch bolus work, 
how he is running late in the afternoon, etc.  His A1cs are good, and I 
doubt they would be if we didn't do the extra testing at school --since they 
tend to eat, snack, run around, eat more, etc.  So he ends up testing about 
8-10 times per day during the week, too.  (I am under the impresion that 
this is about average for kids that use a pump.) His fingertips do show the 
wear from all of the testing.  We use lots o' lotion at night.  He doesn't 
like alternate site testing.  As for disruption at school, he tests in class 
or wherever he is; the kids and teachers are used to it and are very 
supportive.  School would rather have him check his blood plenty than have 
to administer glucagon or call an ambulance.

I hope this helps,
Mom to Jeremy, 8 1/2, pumping 6/02

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Subject: [IPp] Too many blood tests
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 20:50:30 -0500

Has anyone else had this problem?  My 7 year old daughter wants to test her
blood sugar all the time.  We are averaging 10 or more a day.  While she's 
school she tests around 4 times.  She says she feels low but she has rarely
been low lately.  We started on the insulin pump last week and the frequent
testing is good but I worry about her fingertips and the disruption at 
when she tests.
This frequent testing started a few months ago, before she started on the
Any thoughts, advice?  E.O.
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