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[IPp] Re: Bumps on face...also yeast?

Milia sounds just like what Lauren has. (Thanks again Kerri!)  It's funny
that this thread is current now because these bumps first appeared on
Lauren's face about two weeks ago and I was going to mention it at her
next appointment with her endo later this month.

I have another question.  I know yeast infections can be a problem in
women with diabetes because the yeast can feed on extra sugar in the
system.  In fact, we went to the doc at diagnosis because she had a yeast
rash (she was 4 and still in pull ups at night then).  Now there are
times when she wiggles a lot, like she has to go to the bathroom really
badly.  When I figured out that it wasn't because she had to go to the
bathroom, I thought maybe she has a yeast infection.  She has no external
symptoms of yeast (no red rash, nothing whiteish).  She says that her
skin is a little itchy.  I gave her some lotrimin to put on it anyway,
and I figure if that helps, it might be yeast.

Anyone have any suggestions on this one?

mom to Lauren, now 7, dx'd 11/00, pumping 5/02, and Megan, who just
turned 5

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