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RE: [IPp] Re: weight gain and good control

When my daughter was put on the pump, her trainer told her most new pump
users gain about 20 pounds before leveling off.  It is because they now
eat as they like and cover the food when eaten.  Insulin is needed for
proper body function but is also the fat storage hormone. Keeping carb
intake consistant and exercise has been the only way she could take the
weight back off and keep it off.  

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> Does anyone know if there is a correlation to weight gain and good
> Jake's been doing wonderful since Nov. w/ very few highs, but he has
> 13 pounds too!  We 

There can be a correlation with weight gain and good control.  If a
had high bgs most of the time, they would be losing a lot of the
calories as 
the glucose was lost through their urine.  That is why our kids are
regularly for proper weight gain and growth.  If the same diet and
level is kept  and then bg control improves significantly then weight
be put on.  

Most kids have lost significant weight at dx.  Then after starting
the weight is quickly put back on.       

Can Jake have a session with a dietician to help work things out for
You don't want him to equate good control with anything he sees as a 
negative.  Also, has he had his thyroid tested recently?  There could be

other things going on here, so check with his doctor if possible.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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