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[IPp] weight gain and good control


 Weight gain is common both with better control and with use of insulin. Insulin
is a growth hormone and as such will stimulate cellular growth, particularly fat
cells. That's why pumpers get those fat-blobs if they don't rotate their
infusion sites enough.

 Think about what happens with poor control: high sugars overload the kidney's
ability to retain glucose and it spills into the urine--that causes a positive
urine test for glucose (glycosuria). With good control, those sugar calories no
longer overflow into the toilet...they stay aboard and grow body mass. What
needs to happen is that the total calories eaten in food need to be better
matched to activity levels. If the activity levels don't change, than eating a
bit less is the only answer.

 It's unfortunate, but I don't think our diabetic kids are spared the
consequenses of overeating.//chs

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Does anyone know if there is a correlation to weight gain and good control? 
Jake's been doing wonderful since Nov. w/ very few highs, but he has gained 
13 pounds too!  We know he fights weight and pretty much stick to a diet. He 
gained a lot of weight shortly after going on the pump, but we were letting 
him eat and bolus for whatever he wanted. It seems to all be in his stomach. 
He is so upset that he's like forget good control if it's gonna make me fat 
and slow. (We play tournament baseball six months out of the year) Any 
idea's? Trena (mom to Jake 12)
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