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RE: [IPp] Animas pump - EZ Manager doesn't handle mmol

Agreed that you won't get any complaint from me regarding the Animas.
We just started my son on the R1000 4 weeks ago, and although the
learning curve is steep, his 15 day average blood glucose has dropped
from 14+ to less than 10 mmol/L.

The only comment I wanted to make is that although the EZ Manager is a
nifty piece of software, it's not capable of handling the non-American
blood glucose units of mmol/L so it probably shouldn't figure into your
decision regarding choosing the Animas pump.  I'm assuming in New
Zealand that you also use the mmol/L units?  Anyway, for that reason, I
haven't been able to make use of the EZ Manager software, and so far my
Animas rep tells me that Animas doesn't have immediate plans to make any
changes to the software.

But, that little annoyance aside (and I suppose you could still use the
software if you're really good at multiplying and dividing by 18 in your
head) I still think the Animas is a fabulous pump (and, understanding my
biases) the obvious choice for a very young child (my son is 3 years
old) given that the pump is capable of delivering extremely small basal
rates in teeny tiny increments spread out every 3 minutes over an hour.
Actually, the Deltec Cozmo looks pretty neat too, but I don't think it's
available in Canada yet so I didn't evaluate it.  Anyway, I like the
Animas and it functions just as it's supposed to.

Good luck in your research!

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> Hi all,
> It looks like finally, after a long battle, my daughter Amy will be
> go on a pump this year.
> I have been looking at what pumps are available in New Zealand and
> found out the Animas pump is coming to New Zealand. I would like to
> comments from any of you with children using the Animas pump, both
> bad, on how you have found this pump. I see a few of you have changed
> Animas pump from using other pumps, could you please comment why and
> differences you have noted, if any.
> Thank you all for your help.
> Sue, Amy 9 ( dxd 4/00 ), Nick 15, Stacey 13, Jessica 11, & Hubby Geoff


Won't hear any complaints from me about the Animas.  It's been great and
has customer service.  Also, the EZmanager software is good.  We got it
with the pump.  My son uses it on his palm pilot to do all his calc. It
figures out all the bolus' for him.

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