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Re: [IPp] Animas pump

> Hi all,
> It looks like finally, after a long battle, my daughter Amy will be able
> go on a pump this year.
> I have been looking at what pumps are available in New Zealand and have
> found out the Animas pump is coming to New Zealand. I would like to get
> comments from any of you with children using the Animas pump, both good
> bad, on how you have found this pump. I see a few of you have changed to
> Animas pump from using other pumps, could you please comment why and what
> differences you have noted, if any.
> Thank you all for your help.
> Sue, Amy 9 ( dxd 4/00 ), Nick 15, Stacey 13, Jessica 11, & Hubby Geoff


Won't hear any complaints from me about the Animas.  It's been great and so
has customer service.  Also, the EZmanager software is good.  We got it free
with the pump.  My son uses it on his palm pilot to do all his calc. It
figures out all the bolus' for him.

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