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[IPp] Re: stinging Humalog

Carol and Kim:
Thanks for the suggestion regarding Novalog.  We've considered switching, 
but Annie and I both agree that the slight sting of the Humalog is more of 
a comfort than it is a problem.  It lets us know that we've got insulin 
delivery!  And when our main complaint with the Tenders has been crimped or 
kinked cannulas, it's really reassuring to "feel" the boluses rather than 
wonder whether everything's still working correctly.
Besides, we LOVE the pre-filled Humalog cartridges that we use with our 
H-Tron.  (Even if we do find a rare bubble in one...)
Annie's mom (8-year-old dx'd 12/97 at age 3, pumping happily since age 5)

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