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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #299--Tenders suggestion

Suzanne (and other moms contemplating trying the Tender/Sils set):
  I recommend you insert any new set into yourself first.  It is the best
way to learn the insertion routine and the only way to actually know what
you're doing (and NOT doing) to your child.  You can numb the area with
Emla cream or the quicker-acting Ela Max cream, or simply hold a cold soda
or beer can or bottle to the area for a few minutes and then work quickly.
Or you can do it without any kind of numbing.  I've tried several different
sets on myself with no numbing prep and can honestly say the Tender doesn't
hurt!  There is a slight sting as it breaks the skin, but nothing really
painful about it.  The needle does look frightening, but it is sooooo
skinny, and it is removed as soon as it gets in there.  You certainly don't
have to insert it all the way, 3/4 is more than enough tubing left under
the skin.  And we insert at a very, very shallow angle, placing the needle
just barely under the skin (think of an airplane landing as you push it

My thin, muscular 8 year old daughter has been using Tenders for 3 years,
mostly in her upper buttocks and outer hips/thighs.  The only problem we've
had is that the 12mm cannula sometimes gets pushed or pulled or hits muscle
during gymnastics or other physical play and it crimps somewhere under her
skin--where we don't see it or realize it until an unexplained high occurs
several hours later.  When that high happens, or whenever in doubt, we just
put in a new set and confirm the crimped cannula when we take out the old
one some time later.   Her Humalog boluses usually burn slightly, but she
doesn't object because then we know the set is delivering!  We'll use a set
as long as she can feel boluses and as long as we get good results,
anywhere from 3 to 7 days at a time.

We use nothing but an alcohol wipe, an IV prep wipe, a swab of "gorilla
snot" (Tincture of Benzoin), and the Tender itself--no tape, no sandwich of
Tegaderm or IV 3000, no safety loop.  Annie swims 90 minutes (and takes her
time in the shower) at least 5 days a week, and we almost never have a set
peel loose unless we use Uni-Solve and remove it on purpose.  I think the
Tender must be the best choice for athletes (especially swimmers) and
children, because it is so well-anchored on the body and the adhesive is so
non-reactive yet tough.  Annie's H-Tron Plus has dropped and dangled freely
from the set, she's caught her tubing on numerous doorknobs, dogs, and
other obstacles, but the Tender continues to hold on and keeps delivering.
I wish they'd come up with one that has a slightly shorter needle/cannula,
just so we might not have the crimping problem, but we're happy enough with
what we've got.

So give that scary old Tender a try--on your own belly first--and you'll be
surprised and pleased to find that it isn't that intimidating after all.
And it works so well!  Good luck and happy pumping,

Annie's pump-mama, Charlotte

"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful!"
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