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[IPp] Re: Sets and H-tron pump

We started with the H-tron and then switched to the  D-tron and now 
are using the Animas.  We started using the tenders but I just could 
not insert them the right way.  They always kinked. We have been using 
the soft-sets with the inserter ever since.  I have used the comforts 
on occasion but Andrew refuses to use anything but the inserter.  We 
tried the quick-sets but Andrew had an allergic reaction to them.
I have never had a pump company tell me it would void the warranty. I 
have had several pumps go bad on us and they were always returned 
without trouble.  The sets are all interchangeable. The luer lock is 
the same on all of them.  I think that some of the different sets are 
manufactured by the same co.
Pam Bell
mom to Andrew 9 dx 9/97 pupming Animas, Stephen 7, Joshua 3
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