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[IPp] Re: Child block feature

The DTron and the HTron don't technically have a feature called a child block but
they are both very safe pumps even with small children. My daughter uses the HTron
but I have trained on the DTron. Both the HTron and the DTron can lock the basals
so those can't be messed with. The bolus buttons aren't overly easy to push
either. In our 2+yrs of pumping we've never had an accidental bolus occur. Not
from anything my daughter has done, or her numerous siblings (lol) or from other
curious children who have messed with her pump. When I trained on the DTron the
teacher had us deliberately try to get the pump to accidentally bolus but we
couldn't. It comes with a little ring you can put on the button that makes it even
harder to deliver a bolus.

I just want to mention that there is a harness that small children can wear that
comfortably places the pump on the back. My daughter wears hers there when she
plays softball and doesn't even notice it. It makes it impossible for little hands
to reach. And also, you can keep the pump in a case making it even harder to
access. You can buy some sort of case with a zipper (with 2 rings) and even put a
tiny luggage lock on it if you wanted to (seriously!) There are other things you
can do too, like put pockets on the insides of clothing so the child can't touch
it. I know lots of little pumpers on the internet and have not heard many (any)
stories at all about accidental boluses, etc. I think the risk, while valid, is
really quite small.

I am only familiar with these two pumps so can't speak for the others (there is an
unspoken rule on the main IP list about speaking only of the ones you're familiar
with.)  Hope this helps.

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-11, dxT1 5.2yrs, pumping 2.2yrs, and 7 other
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Suzanne said:
 I may be wrong but from what I have read it seems that the Minimed 508 (only
Minimed available in New Zealand) has the child block where as the
Disetronic HTon (only Disetronic available in NZ) does not. Is this correct?
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