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[IPp] lancing devices and lancets

Ok everyone, I have another topic I would like to throw out there!  Hope you
dont mind!  I recently asked this same thing to a fellow parent, but
thought I would send it out to the whole list for more ideas.

After much deliberation, we decided to try the One Touch Ultra instead of
Freestyle( although I may try it too later).  After just one evening, we are
VERY pleased with the meter!  However, I am not so sure I like the lancing
device it came with.  I tried out several different combinations of lancets
and depth settings on myself and compared that to the microlet device that
came with the Elite.  On the setting that I could get to work on the
softtouch, with the least amount of blood to work with the Ultra, her old
lancing device (microlet) actually felt just as comfortable, if not better.
And it doesnt even have a depth setting!  I was wondering if anyone had a
particular favorite lancing device and what lancets are preferred (name
brand, generic, does it matter?).  I always look for ultra thin lancets
for least amount of pain, but for example, the reli-on lancets do not seem
to work as well in the soft touch device.  But they work fine in the

So what are the preferences out there??  Any tips??


Angela Parham, wife to Gordon, Mom to Ashley, 4(dx 1/01), & Kristina, 16 mo.
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