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Re: [IPp] Re: Freestyle

> how do you know the freestyle strip has enough blood to give a true
> i can't see the blood in the strip.

In this regard the FreeStyle is the absolute best. It uses a 3 electrode
design and the meter will not start until it has enough blood. When it does
start it beeps and you know it is working.

This system is absolutely great for alternate site testing. You use a tiny
prick and if it produces so little blood that you are sure it will not work,
you go on and suck it up and see if the meter beeps. If it doesn't you do a
second prick and suck that in to the same strip (must be same edge of the
strip) and when it gets enough it beeps. knowing that you can use a second
site if needed has allowed me to do successful testing with incredibly small
samples that I would have never tried with another meter.

This feature is not obvious in their literature but it was suggested to me
by their hot-line representative some time ago and certainly works well.

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