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I also bought a Freestyle meter...actually I had three. #1  quit working 
within the first week.  #2 gave some very frightening readings (in the 400's 
when she was NOT high, but in the 100's) on about three occasions...what if I 
had dosed these?  #3...only because Freestyle said they had never heard of 
this ever happening...did the same thing after about two weeks.  We couldn't 
take any more chances.  I feel we gave the Freestyle MORE than enough time to 
redeem itself.  I couldn't trust it after that.  On the flip side, My Mom had 
the Freestyle and liked it, having no problems, but after a few months, her 
insurance co. insisted she switch to the Ultra.

We now have the One Touch Ultra.  We have had absolutely NO problems with it. 
 The only false readings were when my daughter had sticky hands.  She knows 
she must wash, but forgets once in awhile.  When she has an extremely high 
reading she usually retests just to be sure.

Mom of Elizabeth 10, dx 5/97, pumping 7/01
and Allen 21,  Amanda 23
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