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Re: [IPp] Re: Freestyle

how do you know the freestyle strip has enough blood to give a true reading? 
i can't see the blood in the strip. i like the meter, have two of them, but 
never bothered to get more strips as i didn't feel comfortable using them as 
you can't see the blood in the strip? we had a lot of errors with it, 
obviously not enough blood, and of course alisha won't use anything but her 
fingers anyhow. i don't like using my arms for either the ultra or the 
freestyle, i think it hurts so i use my fingers, i have tried several times 
on my arms with diff lancets etc.
if i could be sure about the blood up take not being the problem with the 
errors we would get more strips as it does take less blood. so how do you 
know when you have enough blood in it to do a bs? is there some sign?
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