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[IPp] Re: kids and pumps (Marion and Gabe)


I am on the digest so I'm a little behind on my mail.  I have been reading 
your emails and feel like I should know you even though I will never have 
the pleasure of meeting you and Gabe.

I am really impressed with your commitment to Gabe's care and control.  I 
can't think of anything different to suggest to help you with Gabe's 
control.  MDI seems to be working really well for you.  You and Gabe may not 
want to change over to the pump.  You know the old saying if it isn't broken 
don't mess with it. ;)

But... as I was reading your messages and thinking about Gabe I wondered if 
Gabe is as commited to his level of control as you are.  I hope that sounded 
right.  I don't want to offended you--- This is a question I ask myself a 
lot.  If something were to happen to me would/could my children continue to 
keep themselves at the level of control that we have achieved now.

There are days that Blake just doesn't want to have to deal with the 
diabetes stuff---(right now I can let him take a days vacation and I'll do 
the stuff) but this will not always be the case.

I have to take a step back and remember that Blake is 10 years old.  He does 
a great job with his diabetes care and I still help A LOT.  As he grows and 
matures I will continue to keep on teaching and training him to take over 
more and more of his care.  My daughter Cara is also diabetic.  She is 7 and 
helps with her care too but.... she really is not yet equipped to do 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the pump has been a wonderful tool 
for us.  We are able to have good control of our blood sugars and the kids 
can still be kids and enjoy the fun stuff in life too.

I obviously don't know your situation or Gabe's level of commitment but is 
he happy and content with his routine now?  Will he be able to keep on doing 
everything that you guys are doing if he were on his own?

I believe that the pump is a tool that my kids will be able to utilize now 
and in the future.  I see it as a way for them to have great control while 
still having the freedom they enjoy and will continue to enjoy in the 

I hope I haven't offended you with my questions.  I don't mean them that way 
at all.  It's just another aspect of pumping that you might want to 
consider.  I believe that you will do what is best for you and Gabe.  I 
don't think anyone here would blame you or hold it against you if you 
decided not to pump.  I love pumping and so I'm always seeing the positive 
side.  As a parent I know that you are commited to doing your very best for 
Gabe.  My hat is off to you and ALL of our parents on the list.  Your 
children are so BLESSED to have such caring and loving parents.

My very best to you in whatever you decide,

Caren Smith
Pump mom to Blake and Cara

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