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[IPp] RE: Pump comparison

Karen asks:
Has anyone switched from a Minimed pump to an
    Animas and noticed a difference in control?
    Karen, mom to Lauren 6 (dx 11/00) and Megan 4

Malcolm has been pumping since June 1998 (the week he turned 4) he began and
stayed with the Mini-med 507c until December 2000 at which time he switched
to the Animas pump.   Both companies provide outstanding service ect. and
both are very helpful.  For us the features we prefer are:  the .05 basal
step, the way the temporary basal works by percentage over all the basal
rates in a given time frame (for example malcolm might have 4 rates over 10
hours and when we are in Disneyland I lower his rates by temp basal (say
20%)-- the Animas allows that each of the rates in that time frame are
lowered by the same percentage....hard to picture but imporatnat to us). It
is waterproof.  The menu driven screen is easier for Malcolm to use as he
does not have to scroll thorugh screens which limits possible errors.  I
understand that the new paradigm also uses a menu format, but I would be
concerned about the small capacity of the resevoir -- we fill Malcolms to
the capacity and only switch out the tubing with the site change (ymmv on
this, many change out both insulin and sets every time).  the way the
resevoir sits in the pump also means that there are very few (if any)
bubbles in the line -- I can not recall when last I saw one and that was
always a concern with the mini-med. The priming feature is much faster and
has a different set of commands all its own for extra safety.  The insulin
is delivered every three minutes.  You can give and extended bolus and still
give another bolus ontop of it while it is running -- after you have given a
2 hour extended bolus for that pizza your child decides he wants some
raviolis -- you can go ahead and bolus for it without stopping the already
running extended bolus.

I have not checked out the newer pumps and so I can not comment on how they
compare today with these features.  On Malcolm's control comparing the two
pumps?  I think that as he ages he is more in tune with his body and has a
better underatnding of his D -- that in itself makes his control 'easier' if
you know what I mean -- Again, I think that you have to see touch and play
with all the pumps, look at the features and choose the one that best meets
your child's lifestyle.  All the companies are reputable and stand behind
their products.  Good Luck!  Barbi Lazarow
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