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[IPp] re: pump comparisons

I just want to weigh in quickly here:  I think the hardest part
of pumping is learning to deal with only having short acting insulin,
balancing the insulin/carbs/exercise, and figuring out how to
get the site set up well - every time.  We're using a Minimed 508 pump, 
got it just before the Paradigm upgrade certificate came out so we won't 
be upgrading, and we had a great great summer w/ swimming every day & no
problems with disconnecting etc.  It's much easier to deal with these things
that the pump won't do than it is to deal with the more rigid schedule 
& daily shot &/or food fights that we had on MDI.

We have friends with Disetronic, Animas & Minimed pumps.  We all agree
on 1 thing:  Get a pump.  If you know what features you want, go for it.
Luke's thrilled that he'll be pumping 1 year next week.  He feels 
generally better, he's definitely eating better & is at the best 
weight/height balance he's been at since before diagnosis.  The HbA1C is
sometimes better, sometimes not....we try not to focus on that 
as a grade but treat it like frequent bg checks - it's a tool to 
tell you if something needs to be done differently.

And we've gotten to converse with so many interesting people around
the world on this list!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/5/01

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