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[IPp] Re: Freestyle meters

Angela --
We got the Freestyle because we really wanted to give her fingers a break.  
But Shannon absolutely refuses to let us test her anywhere but her fingers.  
I did like the Freestyle though.  It was easy to use.  I used to use the 
Elite...was a die hard fan.  Until I used the One Touch Ultra!  Man I LOVE 
that 5 second read!!!!!!  I'm so impatient and hate that 30 second wait.  Her 
school meter is still the Elite, the nurse liked it, and I used it the other 
day and those 30 seconds felt like hours!!!!  I couldn't wait to get back to 
my One Touch.  And I believe someone said that they thought it was also 
approved for alternate site testing...it is.  Our endo team however does not 
recommend alternate site testing before meals.  Any other time is OK though.

Tammy, wife to David
Mom to Shannon 4, forgot to change this in my previous posts!!! dx'd 2/99, 
pumping 3/01 & Kaitlyn, 1 and running wild!
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