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[IPp] re: Precision Xtra ketone check

<<From: email @ redacted [Lyndy] wrote:
...Precision Xtra Meter and we love it.  It gives you a more 
precise and up to the minute measurement of acutal ketone levels in the blood 
(rather than what's been going on since the last time your child urinated).  
It does take a fairly large drop of blood, but I like the fact that I can 
check for ketones without even having to wake a sleeping child with a 
unexpected high during the night...>>

As Lyndy indicates, this meter works well for ketone worries when
my kid is sleeping & we've discovered that his site probably failed
several hours ago.  We got the meter for free at camp last summer.
But in comparison to the Ultra, it takes about 3x the blood & 6x the
time (30 seconds....I'm REALLY used to that 5 sec countdown on the
Ultra now).  We've used it very rarely so we still have the free strips
we got with it - just for that middle of the night "he's at 400 & now
what" and for recovery from a failed site one morning so we knew when his
ketones were gone & could send him to school.

Since switching to Novolog in Oct. though, and finally figuring out that
his belly does not work for sites, because his little muscles bend every
cannula (QuickSet & Sils) near it in the past 3 months - Luke now
develops ketones so rarely that the urine strips have worked fine for
helping us control those few times it's a problem.  When we run out of
strips, I probably will buy another package for just in case he gets really

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/5/01 (a year in < a week)

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