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[IPp] Re: Pump comparisons

Karen -- 

We are currently using the MM508 and have been offered the free upgrade to 
the Paradigm, we will be going to an informational meeting to see the pump 
and learn how to use it before we have to make the discussion to switch.  I 
found trying to decide between the 3 big pump companies to be our most 
difficult decision until I approached all 3 of them.  I felt that each one 
had many features that we liked and could have easily gone with any of them.  
For us the deciding factor was the way we were treated by the companies when 
I contacted them for information.  We were pretty much ignored by Disatronic 
and the Animas rep felt that we weren't serious because she was so young.  (2 
1/2 when we began our research.)  MiniMed was the only one that took us 
seriously.  I have since spoken with Disatronic and Animas, both at the CWD 
conference in Florida, and both reps at the conference were mortified at the 
way we had been treated and apologized profusely.  And knowing what we know 
now, I'm not so sure that we would have made the same choice.  Don't get me 
wrong...we love our pump and everything that it has give back to our family, 
but sometimes I wish we had some of the features that the others offer.  I 
think if they had treated us a little better we probably would have chosen 
the Animas.  BTW, they told me in Florida that the rep company that was 
representing them in NJ, they did not have their own people here in NJ at the 
time, has since been fired and they now have their own people here.  I think 
the Animas seems a little more kid friendly, especially with the colors.  
What my DD wouldn't give for a pink pump!!!  LOL!  Anyway, that is why we 
chose who we did.  We kind of felt like if we are being blown off now what 
would happen when we had an emergency?  But, like I said I think things are 
different now, that was almost 2 years ago when we were 
researching...now...we may have made a different choice. 

Good luck with your research!

Tammy, wife to David
Mom to Shannon 3 1/2, dx'd 2/99, pumping 3/01
& Kaitlyn, 1 and running wild!
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