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Re: [IPp] meters

In a message dated 2/26/2002 8:25:25 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> On a different note, has anyone tried or have any opinions on the Freestyle
>  meter, by TheraSense?  We are thinking of trying it, due to the increase in
>  testing.  We've read and heard that it is basically painless, testing done
>  on the arm.  I was wondering how difficult it is to use on children? 

On the CWD parents list there are many, many fans of the Freestyle (and I 
mean MANY).  We tried it, and tried it.  On fingers.  On arms.  On legs.  We 
had lots of trouble getting the strips to sip up the blood (even when we got 
a bigger than required drop. The Freestyle just wasn't for us . . .  

On the other hand, we've been using the One Touch Ultra for about a year now 
and love it.  It does require a bit bigger drop of blood than the Freestyle, 
but it's just a little bit bigger and we almost never get an error message 
(which we got at least 30+% of the time on the Freestyle in the month or so 
we tried it out).  Katie LOVES getting her test results in literally 5 
seconds .  .  . 

Although we have both the One touch lancet and a Bayer vacculance for doing 
pokes on her arms, she almost always choose to do pokes on her fingers using 
her SoftClix lancet from her original AccuCheck meter.  Even doing 10+ BG 
checks on most days, we've found that as long as we change her lancet at 
least once or twice a day, her fingers stay in good shape .  For a while 
there we weren't changing too often and they looke pretty chewed up, but they 
cleared up pretty quickly once we got back in the groove. . . Since I'm a wee 
bit leery of alternate site testing anyways, I've been fine with this now 
that we've managed to keep her fingers in good shape . . .

The bottom line on meters is, just like with pumps, they all get the basic 
job done and you have to figure out what works best for you.  For a pumper 
who has to do lots of checks I think that fast results (5-15 seconds) and 
smaller blood sample requirements are two pretty important features to look 
for . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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