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[IPp] Re: Pump Comparison

> <<We are leaning towards the Animas
> because the only negative I have come across is the relative newness of the
> company, but the more I research that, the less that is a concern. And the
> educator and sales rep are within 15 mins of the house. Disetronic has lots
> of great features and engineering, but the rep is 5 hrs away.>>

You know, this is important Mike, if you are concerned about getting a 
replacement pump out to you in the case of a breakdown.  Because my daughter 
had such a terrible time with shots, I did not want to have to go back to 
shots in the event of a breakdown.  If you are far from a rep and your pump 
breaks on a Friday night, the courier may not be able to deliver another 
until Tuesday.....

For this reason and many other reasons I chose the H-tron for Claire, which 
comes as a two pump system (required in Europe btw).  The Animas looks great 
and I was really tempted, but at the very last minute decided to stick with 
our blue and clear pumps.  After using the H-tron for a month I was offered a 
free trade to the Animas if I wanted, but declined. I've never regretted the 
decision.  Claire uses about 9 units a day as basal, and I don't miss not 
having the .05 rate.  I just alternate between rates if .3 is too high and .2 
is too low.
Picking the pump is the hardest thing about pumping!
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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