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Re: [IPp] pump comparison

really i love our animas pump, it is a whole lot better than the h-tron was, 
which we used for 1 1/2 yrs and still have. but it is a whole lot different 
and improved, although i can't compare it to the d-tron as they weren't 
willing to show me that one when i was ready to upgrade. (besides the odd 
shape it has).
it has so many features two of which i just used. one to check the bolus 
memory, found out she hadn't bolused since 1237 pm, which was lunch, which 
means she didn't correct the bs of 337 at 5p, and explains why she took  off 
at the gas station  and walked about 6 mi to a friends house without any diab 
stuff or id or nothing. and had to track her down thro other people to find 
her and get her home. which when she came home and took a shower  took out 
her pump which i found a few min ago at  140am and she had refused to do her 
bs earlier when she went to bed and hid the d*mn meter, and i left one at the 
pedi office this am, and one was left in my car which is broken down, and one 
is at my moms' and one at school. and one is lost.
so i had to find another one which it had the back missing off of, which did 
eventually find and she was 440. and without any insulin on board since 930.  
so i  gave her a correction and then used an extended bolus to give her the 
basal she missed so that in a couple of hours she will  be back in range and 
hopefully  not so mean and hateful. too bad she woke up while i was hunting 
for where she hid the meter.
mom to alisha 12 1/2, dx 2-2-98 add, bipolar, obstinate defiant disorder, 
depression among other things
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