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Re: [IPp] pump comparison

> I'd like to get some opinions on the different brands of pumps. I
> don't want to jinx it, but I think we might have my daughter's endo
> convinced that we should give the pump a try.  I have talked to reps
> of the three big pump companies.  Since my daughter is on just 17
> units a day, the Animas rep has told me that being able to adjust
> her basal by .05 increments would be good.  The other companies
> claim, for various reasons, that it doesn't make a difference.  I
> prefer a lot of the features on the Paradigm, but if the Animas
> would give us better control, I'd go with the Animas.  Has anyone
> switched from a Minimed pump to an Animas and noticed a difference
> in control? 

Couple of things 1) the Paradigm delivers in 0.05 unit steps
2) It really does not make a big difference AND, as she grows her 
insulin requirements will at times be much higher than and adults.
Pick the pump based on the features you like. All of these companies 
make good equipment -- AND, any of them are better than MDI. No 
matter who you get input from.... they will swear that their's is the 
very best pick :-)

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