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Re: [IPp] Re: Meters-ketone testing

Thanks, Barbara.  Jeremy is not prone to ketones (I am knocking wood here), 
but I think it would be good to get this meter in the house before I 
actually need it.  I am just afraid that he will be sick and not needing to 
use the RR a lot, and how will I check ketones regularly then?  Thanks for 
the info.   Boy, those ketone strips for the meter are very expensive.  I 
think we will probably only use it when normal means won't give us anything 
to check!  ;)

Take care, and thanks for the reply,

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Subject: [IPp] Re: Meters-ketone testing
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 12:54:03 EST

<<Speaking of meters, does anyone know the name of the meter (I heard ther's
only one) that also checks for ketones when you do fingersticks?  If anyone
has used this meter, did you find that it was an okay substitute for the
ketostix? >> I

Hi Alison,
      It is the Precision Xtra meter, made by Medisense.   It uses separate
strips to test for ketones, but the same meter will also test bgs.  When
Claire started pumping last year, I asked our pump nurse about it.  She said
not to bother with it, but I was intrigued.  Then the company that makes the
meters wrote me to ask if we wanted one--they had our name from the pumps
sales team and were offering them to pumpers.
      I received the meter, but no strips to test for ketones.  Maybe by
mistake they sent two sample boxes of bg test strips.   After asking a
question about them on Insulin-Pumpers, someone sent me a couple of dozen
ketone test strips that they didn't need and I tried it out the very next 
when Claire had a site fail.
      Its a bit tricky to get a hanging drop of blood onto the strip, we are
used to the Elite and the Ultra One Touch that suck up the blood.  But it
works awesome.  That morning of the site failure, Claire had very large
ketones in her blood and we followed up with the Ketostix, which also
indicated a large level of urine ketones.  I got a new site in, and her bgs
came down and using the blood meter we watched her ketones come down as 
  By 11:30 they were much lower, so she went off to school for the 
Of course urine ketones were still showing quite high. By 2:30 at the end of
the school day, her blood ketones were zero.
      Yesterday evening as well, her bg was up to 450 (25.0) for no 
reason.  Previous test a couple of hours earlier was normal range.  It was
nice to use the Precision Xtra to test for ketones and find that they were
zero.  We changed her site, it was due anyhow as it was 3 days, and this
morning she was 120.
      I think you might like the meter to test for ketones, if these show up
often in your child.  Claire is never sick with flu, but it is nice to have
this meter around anyway.  One version glows in the dark and has its own
light.  Kids think it is neat.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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