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Re: [IPp] Re: Sils needle

I think we will try the Sils; but I would like to have an 
inserter...psychologically, it is a big advantage.

I need a few days off, and so does Gabe...probably....I haven't slept in 

I am not even a little worried about the high numbers; it takes many, many 
days of high sugar to cause glycoslation and damage to the body.  Although I 
appear and sound "nutty" about control, my only real criteria is: "Is it 
damaging Gabe?'  A days, weeks or even months of high sugar are of no 
consequence if we can get the pump to work; I never worry about highs if I 
know the reason and am handling it.

 When the pump functioned for 2 days, it was great!!!.   I have no doubt that 
we can control b.g. with it.  The quicksets do not work in the butt/hip or 
the abdomen.  The one in the abdomen really bled when he took it out which is 
not a good sign.

So I am trying to relax and pull my thoughts together about what to do.  
Meanwhile, we just started using the cold soda can method (I read it on this 
list) to numb before shots; shots never really bothered him before and now 
they are really painless.


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