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[IPp] Novolog Adults Only?


Your Endo/CDE team may feel uncomfortable putting your daughter on Novolog
as it does not have pediatric approval.......it may be a liability thing.
That said, they are currently writing off script by prescribing Humulog,
(that is not pump approved) knowing that you use it in your pump.   It could
also be that they have no experience yet with it.  If you decide you want to
try it, maybe you can print off success stories from IP and POP and show
them that it is being prescribed by other MD's

I have been using it in my pump for 3 months with good results and I
recently changed my 5 yr daughter over to it last week. Since Emily's is a
recent convert, I'll hold my comments until we have a few weeks under our
belt.  I have been very happy and have noticed a decrease in basal
requirements (from 15.9 to 14.6 per day) and an over all feeling that it is
"smoother"...... ok, what does "smoother" mean?  I do not feel that it is as
peaky as Humulog giving me less peaks and valleys.   Many I have talked too
have experienced less site pain and longer lasting sites.  Given the issues
you are having, it may be an option for you.

As for infusion sets, if the Quick Set does not help, try the Disetronic
Ultraflex infusion set....... it will fit any pump (except the new Paradigm
which uses a dedicated infusion set). We use it with Emily with good
results.  Call them and they will send you a couple of free samples.

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