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[IPp] Kids pumping in Britain

Hi Karen,
Did your child start pumping in Britain, or did you move there after using a 
pump?  I'm quite curious, as we were living in the UK (Northern Ireland) and 
I was led to believe there was a zero percent chance of getting my daughter a 
pump there.  Or if I did through some miracle find a doctor willing, we would 
have to pay for all the costs.  So we returned to Canada where my husband's 
insurance pays for all the costs.  

Also, if Tegaderm is causing itching, try the OpSite dressings or IV3000, 
both made by Smith and Nephew, a UK company.  I was given OpSite in the UK. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

<<.(we live in britain, so may not have the same materials as you)
>            love and hugs
>                     karen
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