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[IPp] Re: Vacation Q

Hi all,
     I just wanted to say, regarding vacations and trips, that I've found 
that I can't really predict what Claire's bgs will do.  We moved across the 
country in the fall with 6 full days of car travel (5 provinces, 4 states).  
I fully expected her to run high from the inactivity, but she didn't.  
     Last summer we didn't get a vacation as we were trying to sell our 
house, so instead we had season's passes to Canada's Wonderland, which is a 
huge amusement park.  It was a 2 hour car trip to get there and we went quite 
a few times.  I'd check bgs when we arrived and if Claire was a bit high from 
the car trip, I'd just leave her.  There were often long line-ups for rides, 
but she did also get excited and run around a lot, so I found I couldn't 
predict which way bgs would tend.  While awake she can feel a low coming on, 
so I would just be ready with a snack for her, but things were generally 
pretty good.  I always had a back pack on which carried her meter, snacks and 
dextrose or glucose tabs.  I'm quite hyper about making sure the backpack is 
never separated from Claire, eg, if she goes off with her Dad.  She always 
slept on the long car trip home after these days (we'd usually stay till 9 or 
10 pm), and I did have to watch out those nights for a delayed low bg.  This 
was pretty consistent.  About the only other time she has delayed low bgs is 
when she has been on bouncy castles during the day.  For this I make sure 
that the bedtime bg reading is higher than usual and do a 1:20 insulin-carb 
ratio, rather than her usual 1:15.  
     I have travelled really a lot with Claire with DM.  Across Canada by car 
a few times, camping and in hotels.   Flying to the UK.  All over Europe  by 
bus, by car, in ferries, camping in France and Spain, in hotels, in mobile 
homes.... (we lived overseas for a bit, so it was our big chance to do these 
things).  Wish we had had the pump then!!  Only one time was I scared--just 
me and Claire in Prague, me carrying her as she had fallen asleep in the 
afternoon while we were sight- seeing.  It was December and very cold (but 
very beautiful) and when she awoke she was frantic and crying.  I was 
terrified about a bad low and was searching the streets trying to buy a Coke, 
as that is the only thing Claire was willing to take.   Turned out she was 
just grumpy from waking up (she was four at the time), but I thought twice 
about travelling alone with her after that. 
     I'm sure you will have a lovely holiday!  With all your supplies with 
you things will go just fine.  I have also used a small cooler for insulin in 
hotels--just refill the ice as needed.  But that was when I was carrying 
around a 4 month supply before moving.  For a short holiday it shouldn't need 
to be refrigerated.  
Have fun!
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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