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[IPp] Re: Vacation Q

We went to Disney this past Fall and Lawren (age 7) was on the pump.  We
used a temporary basal decrease of 10% for during the day  (8a.m. - 7p.m.)
and it seemed to work for us.  We used a temp basal increase of 10% for the
car ride, but the ride for us was 20 hours.  We also carried plenty of
glucose tablets and Ritz peanut butter snacks in case she went low.  For the
evening parade and fireworks I figured an extra 15 carbs for every hour she
stayed up past her regular bedtime.  We also used a disability pass and it
worked out very well.  Our hotel supplied us with a small portable
refridgerator for the insulin at no additional charge (we explained the
situation).  For supplies I packed at least two weeks worth even though we
only planned to stay one.  Don't forget extra batteries, glucagon, and the
pump manual.  I also packed syringes and NPH in case there was a problem
with the pump.  If you have an Animas pump, they will supply you with a
spare pump for your trip.  There are plenty of restaurants throughout
Disney, but they are expensive.  I took a small cooler and packed it with
fruit and P&B sandwiches and water to help cut costs.  Have a great vacation
and good luck!
Barb Dame
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