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RE: [IPp] Vacation Q

Thanks, you've been alot of help!;O)

I think you just have to go with what you are comfortable with for your
. . . It's so hard to say what his BGs will do, EXCEPT that I think it's
always safe to assume that BGs can drop the most/fastest during water play.
The combination of the activity and the cool water seems to do that faster
than anything else in my experience.

Yes, we disconnect when we gotto the beach (Riley's on the D-tron so it's
waterproof too) just because he does go low even with a lower basal.  I just
test frequently and give snacks-no bolus either!:O)  When he is near water,
he is IN the water nearly all the time and going non-stop!  I'll probably
just disconnect him for the pool and bring lots of snacks/quick carbs. It'll
be a bit tricker if we gotto a water park but I think we can make it work
with a bit of plaining!

And don't forget those dates . . . even if it's just a couple of hours for
dinner or (gasp!) a leisurely breakfast sans children or a couple hours to
read in a hammock without being responsible for answering the cry of "Mom!
Mom! Dad! Dad!" . . . It will do the whole family good if the two of you get
a little vacation out of this vacation!

ROFL!!  I'm REALLY looking forward to this!:O)  No
fighting/yelling/screaming......whatever will I do?<VBG>  I'm planning on
pumping milk for the baby so we can leave him for a few hours and he'll be
alright too.

Take care
Amy-mom to Tyler-8, Riley-6 (dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 20mos), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-almost 3, & Lane-2 mos
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