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Re: [IPp] Vacation Q (long)

We went to Disney with our son last April -- 4 months after dx (booked it 2 
months before dx) and he was (and still is) on MDI.  We were advised to cut 
back on his morning NPH the morning following arrival, in anticipation of 
the activity level making him low (so I think that would correspond somewhat 
to your concern about changing the basal rates).  We didn't get lows -- he 
was higher than we planned for (but not alarmingly high), and had to catch 
him up on higher H doses at his meals.  We were told between meals to just 
have him drink lots to bring him down, and that did help.  I was not aware 
there was a disability pass that allowed for not waiting for rides -- how 
did you get that?  We had some rides that we waited a long time for, even 
with the FastPass and we snacked Jeremy in the line.  You are lucky that you 
are on the pump -- bedtime NPH made us end our nights earlier than we all 
wanted to -- even with an extra "post-dinner/pre-bedtime" snack in there to 
give us an extra 2-3 hours.

Also, when we called to make reservations at some of the popular 
restaurants, they let us know times available.  These times, for the most 
part, did not work with our meal times for Jeremy.  When we mentioned that 
he had diabetes -- they still couldn't accomodate us at a better time and 
told us to bring an extra snack for him while he waited to eat at that rez 
time.  So we bagged the reservations for finer dining and we ate wherever we 
were at his meal times.  THAT was really much more relaxing for us because 
we didn't have to be in a particular park at a particular time to keep a 
reservation if he wanted to be somewhere else more fun.  We called for 
reservations a month in advance of our trip and had this happen.  I think 
they said that we could have called earlier for better time selections, but 
we did not know to do that.

Oh, also, we learned the hard way that in about 80-degrees, an ice-pack 
lasts about 5 hours tops.  Our first half-day when we arrived, it was 
totally melted but we were still going strong -- so I went back to the hotel 
and swapped out our ice pack and met up with my husband and son after that.  
THEN we learned that the first-aid station in each park will keep our 
insulin cold (we carried ours) and extra ice packs frozen for us!  The first 
aid station people were VERY kind and understanding.

Are you staying on the Disney property?  They were wonderful about giving us 
a fridge for the room at no charge.  (I would guess most hotels do this?)  
THey didnt' offer it, but when they told me it would be $10 per night for 
the fridge, I told them medical condition and requested they run it by a 
manager.  Free fridge!  Not only for the insulin and ice packs, but we kept 
milk, juice, etc. in there.  It let us wake up and do the morning shot 
routine leisurely, in privacy, and eat in the room.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!
-- Allison

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From: "Justin and Amy Boswell" <email @ redacted>
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Subject: [IPp] Vacation Q
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 17:10:32 -0500

My dh, me, our 5 children and my parents are going to Disney World,
Universal and Sea World over dh's spring break in April (we only live 3 hrs
from Orlando).  We've never gone on a family vacation of this multitude
before and especially not with D.  How do I manage Riley's basals?  We're
looking at a 3 hr car trip 1 way but that will probably be the most sitting
he will do!!!!:O)  It's going to be around 70-low 80ish weather wise and
shouldn't be too humid yet either.  We get a disability pass for our group
so we won't have to wait in line for rides but it will still be alot of
walking, swimming, activity, excitement, etc.  HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?
<G>!!!!!  Should I plan on decreasing basals ahead of time or suspending his
pump?  What am I going to need for what will most likely be a 4 night/5 day
trip?  I'm really nervous because this is something new but it should be
ALOT easier on the pump than MDI's!!!:O)

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-8, Riley-6(dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 20mos), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-almost 3, & Lane-2 mos
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