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[IPp] Re: A few things...

<<> Well, after returning the loaner pump we used for the saline trial, I
> asked our CDE what our next step was. JayJay did beautifully over the
> weekend, no probs at all, and I wanted to know when we could order that
> pump and get going. She said that we still haven't been "approved" by
> our team! After all the meetings with the docs, nurses, dietician, 
> psychologist,
> and social worker, JayJay wearing dry sets, me putting in sets, training
> on how to work the pump, and the saline run, we're not approved?! I could
> have screamed. Our next regular checkup is 3/17 so if I haven't heard
> from her by then, I will be reading everyone there the riot act on that
> day.>> 

     My advice is to phone or fax or e-mail them before your next appointment 
and get an answer.  I got a run around from the first hospital I took Claire 
to, after moving back to Canada just to be able to get her a pump.  They 
wouldn't say yes and they wouldn't say no.  And I wanted the answer right 
away, so then the nurse said Claire would have to have better control before 
starting on the pump!!!! Duh, that's the reason for getting a pump.  The pump 
sales rep was great in giving us a list of doctors that had kids on pumps and 
that were located within 100 miles or so.  I phoned a new doc and Claire was 
pumping within 3 months--still too long in my book, but we had to wait for 
appointment openings, etc.  Seven weeks of pumping brought her HbA1c down 2 
full points from the level on pump start date.  
Good luck,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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