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[IPp] Re: A few things, tips, sick days...etc!

Sorry to respond to everything in one long email...but I haven't been able to 
get on the computer in the past couple days and I only have a few minutes now.

RE: checking at night...I can check Shannon's sugar, bolus her, give her a 
shot, feed her glucose tabs, have her drink a juice box or milk and remove a 
set all while she sleeps.  I've often said that she could sleep through a 
freight train going through her room.  The only thing I will not do while she 
sleeps is put in a set.  I'm afraid that she will jump and then I might have 
to do it all over again.  

RE: checking toes...I once asked our endo about using her toes as an 
alternate site and he advised us against it as some diabetics do have 
problems with their feet.  Also, Shannon is very against alternate site 
testing.  She may be only 4 but she absolutely refuses to let me check her 
any where but on her fingers.  I used to sneak check her at night on her arms 
until one morning she read me the riot act about how she doesn't like to be 
checked on her arms because it hurts later.  I don't know that it does but I 
stopped because I didn't want her to think that her opinion did not matter.  
But man do I wish she'd let me check her some where else.  Her little fingers 
are so beat up!

RE: sensitive skin after removing sets...Shannon definitely has redness that 
lasts about 24 to 48 hours after removing the IV3000.  Now after we take the 
set out and every nite before bed I put on a "cream" called Lansinoh 
(breastfeeding mommies will know this cream)!  I actually use a product that 
they make called Soothe and Heal.  I used to use the regular Lansinoh but 
find the Soothe and Heal to be more effective.  It's ment to be used on the 
skin when it has been irritated by a variety of things.  It has worked 
wonders for us.  I even use it on her fingers!  Another great thing for us is 
that it is non toxic so if it gets in her mouth it won't harm her.  A 
definite concern because she sucks her thumb.

RE: Vacation tips...I totally agree with all the tips told about traveling 
with D.  But one thing I'm sure Sharon will remember as it happened to a few 
people last summer in Florida at Disney...when you get that fridge in your 
room be sure to turn the thermostat down.  There were a few people who had 
their insulin freeze on them.  Also, we actually had to increase Shannon's 
basals when we were on vacation.  All the excitement and adrenaline actually 
made her run very high.  So I would check a lot before making any big changes.

And last but not least...Holly...I was ROFLMAO at the insulin in the bra 
thing...I thought I was the ONLY one who put it there!  Definately a warm 
spot though!  :0)

Hope no one minded me responding to everyone this way!

Tammy, wife to David
Mom to Shannon 4, dx'd 2/99, pumping 3/01
& Kaitlyn, 18 mos and running wild!
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