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RE: [IPp] infusion sets not lasting

> Thanks for taking the time to type up that info Micheal-I never knew
> this. I knew about mixing for site problems just didn't know the
> science behind it!  Riley's sites last 2 days on straight H but we
> always, always have red, irritated sites and pump bumps everytime. 
> He has sensitive skin anyway so we can't use some adhesives (don't
> know if this is a factor?) but I think he does have some problems
> with the H causing irritation.  I've been trying to get him on
> Novolog but our endo won't Px it.  She says it's not *proven* enough
> for her with too much variability.

I suggest you "stick it to her"  --- Novolog is the ONLY fast acting 
insulin with an FDA approval for use in pumps. heh... heh... You 
might ask (ignorantly of course :-) why she has prescribed an 
unapproved drug for use by your child.

>  Do I have to have a Px to get
> Novolog? 
Unfortunately, yes -- it is not insulin but an insulin analog as is 
Humalog. Novolog, Humalog and Lantus are all insulin analogs and are 
not covered by the law that requires insulin to be available over the 

You could also ask your pediatrician to prescribe it. I know ours 
would jump off a building if it would help our kids. Many are that 

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