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[IPp] A few things...

Testing at night... I also will test JayJay just because I'm awake at
all hours anyway. He will sleep right through the tests and drink juice
without ever realizing it's happened. Anyone else test toes?

Well, after returning the loaner pump we used for the saline trial, I
asked our CDE what our next step was. JayJay did beautifully over the
weekend, no probs at all, and I wanted to know when we could order that
pump and get going. She said that we still haven't been "approved" by
our team! After all the meetings with the docs, nurses, dietician, psychologist,
and social worker, JayJay wearing dry sets, me putting in sets, training
on how to work the pump, and the saline run, we're not approved?! I could
have screamed. Our next regular checkup is 3/17 so if I haven't heard
from her by then, I will be reading everyone there the riot act on that
day. If we don't get this pump from them, we will get it from somewhere
else. Anyone else on this list in or near New Orleans? I'm really irked!

Speaking of New Orleans...hurricanes. Anyone live in a hurricane prone
area, and if you do, how do you prepare for hurricane season with regards
to diabetic supplies, evacuation plans, etc?


Mom to JayJay, age 4, dx'd @ 11 mos.
Sadie, age 2.5 and 
Alden, 6.5 months old

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