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Re: [IPp] Re: infustion sets not lasting

In a message dated 2/21/2002 10:03:09 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> What is the "sandwhich method"? 

1.  Clean the site (like with an IV Prep)

2.  Stick a clear dressing over the site (usually a 2"x4" dressing like 
Tegaderm or IV 3000)

3.  Insert the infusion set (with the cannula and the insertion needle going 
THROUGH the dressing that you just stuck to the skin)

4.  Put another clear dressing over the infusion set -- if you have a set 
that disconnects right where the cannula goes into the skin, such as a 
Quick-Set or a Silhouette/Comfort/Tender, you need to cut a hole out of the 
top dressing and disconnect the tubing for a minute before you put the top 
dressing on.  The easiest ways I've heard of getting the hole in the top 
dressing is either a big hole punch (you can buy at a craft store) or fold 
the dresing in fourths and snip out folded corner that is at the cented of 
the dressing.  (I think there is instructions with pictures for this on the 
IP website)

The reason this is called the "sandwich" method is because you are 
sandwiching the tape that is already attached to the infusion set between the 
two layers of clear adhesive dressing (which a like giant band-aids without 
the gauze pad part) -- think of the clear dressings as the bread of a 
sandwich and the infusion set as the filling.

The sandwich method is a good way to really make sure the set stays in.  A 
couple of drawbacks are that you have a lot more stuck to you, it can be 
harder to remove when it comes time for a set change, and some people's skin 
can get very irritated by the adhesive that's on the dressing . . .

Pumpmama to Katie 
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