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[IPp] Re: sites going bad or kinks?

Just got signed up for the parents of pumpers digest after having to give 
up on reading the volume of email from the regular IP list--and before that 
the gigantic digests from the CWD parents list.  I've missed my email 
support groups but just haven't had enought time to keep up with 
them.  It's good to be back!
A thought about those comforts or sils (or Tenders) sites that seem to be 
going bad so quickly.  Are they getting irritated and red or just 
ineffective?  Could Barb's daughter Lawren be experiencing what my daughter 
Annie sometimes does--almost imperceptible kinks occuring in the 
cannula?  After two years on the Htron Plus, my 7 year old most often gets 
five to seven days from one set, yet occasionally it fails within 24-48 
hours.  And EVERY single time I've had to change one "early" I've found the 
old set with a tiny kink in the cannula, usually a result of some rough 
physical activity (tumbling in gym class a prime culprit). Recently we went 
through about half a dozen sets too quickly, with each one having one or 
more kinks in it, leading me to wonder if we'd gotten a bad batch of Tenders.

Anyway, before you go thru with a switch to a velosulin mix, you might want 
to take a closer look at the sets that didn't work.  When you remove the 
old sets that have "gone bad" the kink may not even be visible--I think 
pulling them out often straightens the tube--but try pushing against the 
end of the used cannula and you might be surprised to see it instantly fold 
over.  We have very few complaints about pumping (we are so happy to have 
the technology available to us!), but kinks in the Tenders cannula are our 
biggest problem.

Annie likes upper buttocks or hips sites and I insert the needle at an 
extremely shallow angle, just barely under the skin.  We use nothing but 
alcohol swab, IV prep swab, a q-tip of gorilla snot (tincture of benzoin), 
and the Tender, (no tape or IV 3000 or Tegaderm, etc.) AND she swims five 
days a week, but we still change sets only once or twice a week for the 
most part.  She uses about 23 units Humalog daily and weighs nearly 70 pounds.

Glad to be able to compare notes with other pump moms and dads again!
Charlotte (and Annie, age 7, diagnosed at 3.5 but pumping since age 5)
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