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Re: [IPp] infusion sets not lasting

Hi Barb,

There are a lot of barbs on this list:)

Barb Dame said: <We currently use Comfort
sets and was wondering if anyone out there uses the new Quick Sets and do
you think this might solve the problem?  Or perhaps we should switch from
Humalog to Novalog? <

We had a problem with Erica after she had been pumping for a few months.
After ruling out many things we came to the conclusion that she was
encounteringg site deterioration due to the Humalog. I'm not saying this is
the problem, but it is something else to think about with your clinic. Erica
had been pumping for 2 months, with nary a problem,& we were suddenly seeing
extremely high sugars 20-24 hours after a site change.  Every time I would
change the set, the same thing would happen.  20-24 hours would pass and then
BOOM - through the roof and no amount of bolusing would bring it down.  It
would require another site change as the site was no longer absorbing insulin.
We started using a mixture of Humalog and Regular insulin.  We mix it in the
reservoir, 5uH to 1uR.  The change was immediate we are still using this with
great success (now pumping 3 years), getting 3-4 consistent days out of a
site.  The mixing was supported by her endo who figured we had nothing to lose
by trying.  She in turn has passed this tip along to others.

As a further to the mixing issue, some of pumpers who mixed insulins are using
Novolog now and finding it great.  Hopefully it will continue for them.
Mixing isn't difficult, but it would be nice to get rid of that extra step :)

hope this helps:)
Barb Chafe

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