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[IPp] crazy week

hi everyone

Well we are going crazy trying to see good controls and nothing working.We
have changed basals, sites , changed the insulin and tubings etc.So I think
she is either sick and not showing it or she is growing again. This kid is
almost 12 ( IN MARCH) and is already 5ft 3 and growing.Fully developed and
looks like more. Guess we will be doing a tap dance until we figure out what
to do.Maybe will fight the school and ask the teacher to make sure she tests
every hour until we get some idea.Going to start doing basal tests again
tonight.This poor kid sleeps so well until I drag her from bed to change sites
3 nights in a row. Maybe time to also see if she will change her type of
infusion sets and try something new.
Oh well another day and never a dull moment.

Jana Mom to Patricia and many more...
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