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Re: [IPp] Humalog and Velosulin

> Are there any kids on this list that pump humalog and velosulin? 
> When you started this mixture did you have to change ratios and
> basals?  Is velosulin hard to find?

Velosulin BR is made by Novo Nordisk and can be obtained by any 

> Laura is currently pumping humalog, about 16 units a day, and her
> sets only last 24 hours.  I don't think Novolog would be good for us
> because many people had to reduce their basals when they started
> Novolog.  Many of Laura's basals are at 0.1 and cannot be lowered.

Some people have experienced a slight reduction, others nothing, some 
an increase.  Everyone is different. Basically for most people, there 
should be very little difference.

A better question might be -- does Laura want to change her set every 
day or twice a week?

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