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Re: [IPp] kinks

> I noticed a comment about bent sights and have to say that this is
> our biggest frustration. Brynn is 5, we used the sils for over a
> year, but when we would remove the canula there were at least 2 or
> more kinks in it. His bgs spike for no reason and every time we
> check, its a kinked site. We are now using the quicksets with the
> shortest canula. I had hoped the 90 degree angle would help, but it
> hasn't. We stil get kinks. It seems like the only solution is to
> keep Brynn from rough activity, and I'm not willingt to do that so I
> guess we live with it for now. Anyone have a solution? We also tried
> the sofsets for 7 mos - least favorite set. Teresa pumpmama to Brynn
> 5, dxd 5/99, pumping 3/00.

Hi Teresa,

The kinks are usually caused by movement of the tissue beneath the 
insertion site. With sets that go straight in, you are pretty much 
stuck (no pun intended) with moving the site somewhere else where 
there is less movement. With the Sils, you should be able to minimize 
the problem by making sure the insertion is perpendicular to the 
general movement of the muscles under the insertion site. Lower 
abdomen can be difficult because it bends everytime one stoops over, 
the upper buttocks is pretty good because it does not bend and the 
cannula can be inserted in fairly far from the big muscle mass.

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