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Re: [IPp] Novolog/Lipoatrophy

> not sure if this is the same thing or not as i am tired and can't
> think straight. but alisha had a spot on her one arm that she gave
> shots into a lot that had an indentation in it, now with pumping she
> has a larger spot on her stomach and also another one on her arm 
> from pumping. it isn't lumpy or bumpy, just indented the whole area,
> like 2 inches around, maybe more oval than round. she was just enc
> to rotate to more outside the areas and try other sites. kathy

Hi Kathy,

What you describe is something to be alarmed about. Please see the 
article about Lipoatrophy on the web site, last link at:


If your endo is not familiar with the problem, contact Dr. Bill 
Tamborlane at Yale 

email @ redacted

and get a referral to someone that can assist you 
with solving the problem. It might be as simple as switching to 
another insulin or much more difficult.

email @ redacted
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