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Re: [IPp] re: 24 hrs on Humalog site - try Novolog

> <<Liz wrote:  Laura is currently pumping humalog, about 16 units a
> day, and her sets only last 24 hours.  I don't think Novolog would
> be good for us because many people had to reduce their basals when
> they started Novolog.  Many of Laura's basals are at 0.1 and cannot
> be lowered.>>
> Liz,
> We had similar concerns for Luke when we tried Novolog, because his
> daytime basal is 0.1 u/hr from 9am until 5pm, and I won't set a zero
> basal because I believe it's too risky to have no insulin going &
> endo agrees.

Two comments here.
1) The first year after Lily was dx'd (94) she ran a zero basal rate 
for 5 hours a day -- worked fine.

2) If the basal rate is 0.1u/hr and it makes you low, what possible 
harm could come from reducing it to zero??  Sure not gonna get high 
from that.
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