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[IPp] Re: Sick days on the pump-now off topic!

Hi Jana,
     Well, Claire may wake up for bg checks at night, but she doesn't wake up 
for lows.  She did for a year or so, then she just stopped waking for them.  
She rebounds from lows, so we discover them in the morning when her bg is 
quite high, around 23.0 (425) or so, down from probably about 26 right after 
the rebound.  
     She has never had a seizure or lost consciousness from lows.  Because 
she wakes for night time bg checks we cannot do them often--it destroys our 
lives.  So I do think you are lucky if you are able to get up and do them 
without waking your child.  Of course we all know as parents of DM kids that 
"lucky" is relative.  I try to find things to consider myself "lucky" with.  
With so many parents that I know having 2 DM kids, I consider myself lucky to 
only have one DM child, at least at present.  I'm also very fortunate that 
Claire has never had the flu or thrown-up in her life!!  Though she has had 3 
major surgeries and many, many minor ones.
Best wishses,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, dx 4/97, pumping 4/01 
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