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[IPp] Re: How long a wait?

Hi Barb!
     Well, I was just set up on digest for this list, but have gone back into 
the archives to see what I missed and saw this question.  Couldn't snip a bit 
this way...
     I was so anxious to get Claire started that I wouldn't wait!!!  I think 
my team sensed my anxiety, so agreed that we could start a few days after 
receiving our pump.  Well, actually I told them at every opportunity how 
anxious I was.  Then I saw the Quick-sets and put back her start date by one 
week in order to get a box of Quick-sets to start with.  The pump nurse had 
not even seem them before we showed up to start Claire pumping with them.  
     I know that if you are phoning the nurse a lot with numbers and such at 
all hours of the day it is hard for them.  So I wrote you instead!  {{hugs}}  
I think our team, who were relatively new to pumping, and were all part-time 
employees, were trying to start one child per week.  
     My opinion is that it is reasonable to have some wait, but how desperate 
you are should be factored in.  Claire was very ill on MDI and her surgery 
was waiting on having a pump first. 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7  
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