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Re: [IPp] Re: Sick days on the pump

My Patricia sleeps like the dead alot and I can check her, feed her and give
her a drink and even maybe a bathroom usage and she "might remember the
bathroom or drink but nothing more usually. As to be lucky, no I don't
agree. We had 3 lows in the last 2 weeks that were in the night and Patricia
would not wake up. I finally got her sitting, drinking and eating and she
went back to bed with no memory of it in the morning. We adjusted her basals
again but usually never have a problem at nights.I think this was just extra
activities hitting later and dropping her BS'ers. So now she is back to
normal , running fine.But if I had my wish, she would wake up like she used
to and know and do things.

Her comment the other day was I had what!!!! You mean I ate chocolate on top
of everything else and I don't remember. I gave her juice and gluten free
crackers then chocolate for a longer acting carb. She got up in the morning
at near prefect normal.
Never a dull moment...

ps when she was really ill with the flu once on the pump. she did not eat
for 3 days.I gave her fluids and gravol and she could not handle food in
solid form. Her sugars were prefect the whole time.

> > do, he sleeps through b.g. checks & correction boluses &
> > can eat glucose tabs or drink juice without fully waking as well.>>
> >
> >
> Is this really true??  I mean that you think most kids sleep through bg
> checks?
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